Reverse Mind-Mapping (RM)

Mind-mapping is a familiar tool for generating new ideas.

You start with a single concept, then branch out to related material. Conventional mind-mapping is ideal for situations where you need to produce new mental content.

Watch this 9-minute video for a complete introduction

Reverse Mind-Mapping (RM) is the exact opposite.

RM is designed for situations where you have more content than you know what to do with. RM is the tool for navigating information overload.

Mind Mapping
Reverse Mind Mapping

How It’s Done

There are four main steps in the RM process:


Tell Me Everything

Bring into view all the data, ideas, problems, etc. that are relevant to the project.


Sort the information under headings that emerge from the data itself


Set the categories in a meaningful sequence

The Big idea

Find the one concept that pulls everything together

RMX™ — a Tool for Reverse Mind-Mapping

RMX is an Excel-based tool that makes RM easy. You enter your data points, and then you categorize them and sequence the categories.

The program automatically sorts all your data points under your categories, in the correct sequence.

Then it presents your categories in a circle. At the center, you insert your Big Idea.

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