Resources to Expand Your Thinking

Zoom Thinking is inclusive. You can couple it with any method or tool that you find helpful in your thinking process.

The Resource Guide is a growing library of information about the world of thinking

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Thinking Methodologies

Here you’ll find brief introductions to additional thinking methodologies, such as Lateral Thinking, Critical Thinking and Design Thinking.

Thinking Tools

In this section, we’ll point you to tools (mostly digital) that can support your thinking process, such as conventional mind-mapping software.

Brain Training Programs

If you’re interested in thinking better, you may be attracted to brain training. Many programs don’t work. A few do. We present some of the best choices here.


There are nutritional supplements that have been shown to improve brain function. We’ll be introducing a few of the better ones here.


If you are curious about cognitive science and the theoretical aspects of thinking, you’ll find useful summaries and links here.