Cognitive Mobility Training

CMT is an interactive online training in optimum thinking. At the core is the Zoom Thinking methodology, but you’ll also learn how to use other thinking techniques, as well as how to create and maintain the best possible brain states.

CMT is ideal for:


Business leaders

Policy makers

Consultants and strategists

Academic researchers


Outcomes you can expect include:

Expanded creativity

More effective problem solving

Enhanced analytical skills

Improved planning

Better decision-making

Accelerated learning

The Curriculum

CMT is a practical training in tools and tactics you can put to immediate use. It is NOT “brain training” in the familiar sense — there are no puzzles or mindless games to play.  

With CMT, you learn by doing. You’ll be bringing real-world issues to the training: topics that you care about and want to think through. (Your privacy is assured: you’ll have complete control over how much you share with others).  

The Cognitive Mobility Training includes:



Observing your own thinking


The seven core “Zoom Skills” that apply in virtually any thinking situation

Reverse Mind-Mapping

Navigating large volumes of information to create structure and focus

Zoom Tactics

26 thinking techniques that unstick the mind and expand your perceptions

Collaborative Thinking

How to employ the wisdom of crowds — without crowding out the individual

Repertoire Expansion

Quick ways to use critical, systemic, strategic and lateral thinking

Brain States

Resources for achieving the optimum states for effective thinking

The Next Frontier

A brief introduction to the relevant neuroscience

The Format

The training will be delivered by live webinar, to provide maximum interaction and personal coaching. You’ll have access to recordings of all the webinars, in addition to downloadable transcripts.

You’ll receive tools for use in your thinking projects, along with guided activities.

There will be a private forum where participants can interact with each other and the instructor, to share challenges and breakthroughs.