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Zoom Thinking Builds Mental Mobility.

When the mind moves freely, we think more effectively in every situation.


How to Mobilize the Mind

A sample of the Zoom Thinking toolset

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Cognitive Mobility TrainingTM

CMT is a systematic program for mastering the tools and tactics of Zoom Thinking. This training will dramatically expand your mental repertoire. CMT is offered through live interactive webinars.

Reverse Mind-Mapping with RMXTM

Reverse Mind-Mapping turns the world’s most popular thinking tool on its head. Start out with masses of detail… and end with the Big Idea.

RMX™ is an Excel-based tool to make Reverse Mind-Mapping easy.

Join the Conversation

Zoom Thinking was created to help raise the quality of thinking in all the fields critical to human wellbeing, such as education, business, healthcare, government and the non-profit arena.

If you’d like to participate by using the tools, providing feedback, or just observing the project unfold, we welcome you to connect with us here.

Please let us know who you are and we’ll keep you posted as we build the online conversation.